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Consulex is acting as a partner for governments and public & private companies for solving every kind of problems they face up in your ordinary and extraordinary management activity.

To this purpose Consulex developed a proper approaching method of legal question that, deepening starting from a deep study of government needs as well as of a corporate strategy, it allows to complement legal advice in daily management activity.

The law firm faces every legal problems with a multidisciplinary vision considering different applied disciplines (e.g. economic & marketing rules, tax law, bankruptcy, industrial and company law, public utilities law, government procurement law and regulation, intra and extra UE), as it experienced oftentimes a solution of complex problems depends on the deep knowledge of complementary legal instruments.

The law firm intends to supply its clients in every situation with the best appropriate instrument, from traditional to more innovative, so allow public and private companies and governments to compete in their relevant markets as well as to supply with more efficient services their proper consumers.